Pollutant reduction, exhaust gas recirculation, soundproofing, safety, design elements: these days pipe and tube systems for the automotive industry have diverse roles to perform. KÖNIG METALL proves its outstanding solutions expertise is this field again and again with top-class custom products that do not compromise on quality, added value or competitive price.

Absolute perfection in pipe and tube machining

We supply famous customers from the automotive industry with perforated, bent and reshaped pipes for exhaust systems and airbags. When it comes to custom just-in-time production we use innovative, tried-and-tested technologies developed and perfected by us in-house. That is what secures us our strong market position, reflected above all by the level of trust we enjoy from our customers. Our tube and pipe systems are characterized by their outstanding resilience, durability and perfect fit. Thanks to automated processes we can complete huge batch runs at high throughput rates both on-time and cost effectively. In doing so we set the course for our customers’ success in international competition on a sustained basis.

Our solutions: