At KÖNIG METALL, a perfect surface must meet some key requirements to form the crowing finish to a product. Supplied in the required degree of shine or requested color, these can offer protection against corrosion as well as mechanical, chemical or weather conditions etc. We add a finishing touch to high-quality products that is both attractive and technically impressive.


Modern, quick, economical: whether pre-treatment and priming alone or in combination with a decorative topcoat – we offer our customers finished products at fair prices at every stage from development right through to custom surface coating. Our immersion and spray processes for surface pre-treatment include degreasing, phosphating and the cathodic electrophoretic coating of sheet metal parts with environmentally-friendly water-based paint. On request we can also stylize the technical qualities of the surface afterwards. Our electrostatic high-speed coating systems with painting robots can for instance add the chosen color during the topcoat process.

Our solutions: